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As A Dream Within A Scream, also known as "The Queen of Darkness, I have dedicated myself to exploring the paranormal and sharing my love of the goth and alternative fashion with the world. I have made a name for myself as a talented poet and author, crafting dark tales that I've been told would make even Edgar Allan Poe proud. My passion for uncovering the unknown has led me to become a skilled paranormal investigator with Long Island Paranormal Investigators (as seen on My Ghost Story, Travel Channel's Most Terrifying Places in America, and various News Stations and Podcasts). I have written a book describing the horror and bliss of my experience with living with a spirit attachment to be released later this year. My poetry book is based on automatic writings I received from my attachment. It is her emotion and love story as I perceived it. As a goth model and actress, I am constantly seeking out new ways to express my creativity and bring my unique vision to life. 

By Lars King
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